Cheesy Lasagna Roll Ups
#Cheesy #Lasagna #Roll #Ups

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Nearly everything my Gram cooked was homestyle and from scratch.  I know that a big part of that was growing up in a time where convenience foods weren’t readily available, but I also think she just enjoyed making her family something special.

My Mom did a lot of from-scratch cooking, too, but she also used a few shortcuts and cooking hacks on occasion.  They let her speed the cooking process up on busy nights, without sacrificing the taste or flavor of the food.

One of those hacks was for pasta sauce.  While she made a killer homemade spaghetti sauce, sometimes dinner needed to be on the table fast so that we could get to a game or concert.  There was always a jar in the cupboard “just in case”.

It’s a shortcut I use myself sometimes, like when I make these lasagna roll ups.  These lasagna roll ups are an easy, cheesy weeknight dinner your whole family will love.  Even Bubbles specifically requests them!

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