Low Carb Chicken Enchilada Casserole
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his low carb chicken enchilada casserole recipe will be loved by everyone, but the absence of tortillas makes it perfect for low carb or keto diets. You could serve tortillas on the side for those who are dining who don’t follow a low carb diet.

I have two favorite foods, pizza, and enchiladas. If they were the only food available, I could eat them both every day and be happy. But when you follow a low carb diet, those are two types of foods that are notoriously full of carbs.

I’ve managed to make a delicious low carb pizza recipe, and now I’ve come up with a low carb chicken enchilada casserole that will satisfy your cravings for enchiladas and Mexican food.

This recipe is based on the America’s Test Kitchen Chicken Enchiladas recipe. They test their recipes 30-70 times and have at-home testers that make sure the recipes are easy to follow and understand. So you know their recipes are foolproof.

But here’s the catch….

Their recipe isn’t low carb. So I took their recipe and modified it to fit into a ketogenic diet. You can see the original recipe by clicking below.

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